Lightbox wont load in buddypress activity stream

Hey Guys

I got a problem, the lightbox does not open if i press the images in the albums and in the activity stream of buddypress.

Please help, my site is online and the users are confused!! :confused:

Best regards



Make sure you have lightbox ON in rtMedia settings section

Or check by deactivating other plugins one by one and/or change currently installed theme.




on the twenty sixteen theme it works, but only the new posts… And there is no conflict with a plugin.


please i really need this…


Sorry for the delay here.

  1. As its working for you with “Twenty Sixteen” theme, then it must be a problem with your current theme which you are using. That is clear now.

  2. You mentioned it’s working for new posts only, it means those old photos you uploaded on the website must be from some other media plugin. Can you please confirm this?


Hi Nitun

No problem.

Yes, its a theme conflict. The theme support didnt answered yet. They told me to ask the plugin support…

And no, the old photos were also uploaded with rtmedia, exactly the same way like the new one.


Ahh in that, can you please share the debug info of your website? You can find it under rtMedia -> Settings -> Debug.

Also, if possible please provide the theme which you are using. I will try to find a solution.

I sent DM to you for required details.