Lightbox too big

When I click on an image, the lightbox popup is always far to big and takes up the entire window, as shown in the image below and at

Is this just a CSS issue? What do I need to change to make adjust it’s size?

Also, the only way I can close the lightbox is to pres Esc. Sometimes, if I click and drag, it will also cause the lightbox to close, although this doesn’t work consistently.

I am not using any other lightbox plugins. I am using a bootstrap based custom child-theme, buddypress, bbpress and a few other plugins.

Thank you.

Hi @qurgh,

Can you please once check it with WordPress default theme and other plugin disabled, to make sure whether it works or not ?

As I suspected, it works fine with the default Wordpress theme, but my theme seems to have serious issues. This leads me to believe it is a CSS based issue, however I don’t know enough about rtMedia’s CSS to know what is causing the conflict. I’m assuming it’s using some styles and classes that aren’t present in my theme, or are themed differently from what the plugin assumes it should be.

I’ve looked through the rtMedia docs, but they seem to be lacking in information. I’ve already used the template system to customize the look of the Media pages, but there doesn’t seem to be a template for the lightbox.


Hi @qurgh,

As you said, it is CSS based issue depending on your theme as rtMedia works fine with the WordPress default theme. You can contact your theme developer to fix this issue.

For other users searching these forums who might have issues with rtMedia and Firmasite based themes, this link contains a main.php template file that works correctly:

Hi @qurgh,

Thanks for your help in community forum.