Lightbox relocated

Hi rtmedia,

OK, this is freaky…

The light-box was fine before,

As set for List Media View > Use lightbox to display media, and still is.

I just updated to the latest 4.3.1, now there’s NO lightbox, it went down below the buddypress tab area? Any idea why? Like I say, it was fine before until I updated?

Please advise help, Thanks

Hello @DamnDramaQueen,

We checked it again and lightbox works fine with rtMedia V4.3.1. Please, once try to debug the cause by activating any default theme of WordPress and deactivating other plugins.

It should work properly.

Thank you.

Hi pranalipatel,

This is freaky freaky… I deactivated then reactivated again this plugin, I even deleted completely and installed a clean one. No luck at all?

I even deactivated other plugin one by one, refreshed the browser, then reactivated the plugin too see will it bring back after reactivated, still no luck?

I was using older version 4.1.3 that was fine before til I updated to the latest 4.3.1. You assuming should work better? hmmm…

How can I bring back the older version, I don’t see any older versions to download on the development side?

I really don’t mind the lightbox end up below the buddypress tab. The only thing is when I click the Previous or Next, unlike to see the reload circle. If able to slide each photo left to right or right to left… I’m good with it, btw, is there a code for that? . But don’t do that neither, it reloaded the whole page

Please advise help, Oh my, this is freaky !!!

Hi pranalipatel,

I just tested and downgraded back to 4.0.3 , the lightbox show as normal… But not 4.3.2 ? hmm…

Please advise, Thanks

Please provide the debug info log on your website. You can find it under rtMedia Settings -> Supports tab.


Hi nitunlanjewar,

Here is the image below the buddypress tab.

I got the debug report as your instruction. But how can I attach the debug file private to you?

Can you provide an email address I can send to? Some info on the debug report I needed to keep it private.

Please advise, thanks

I sent you private message. Please check.

Hi nitunlanjewar,

Where can I see the private message from here btw?

I got a notice from my email I replied from there along with the debuginfo.txt file.

Am I right what I"m doing? Please let me know?

Please advise, thanks

Yeah. Got it.