Lightbox oversize- displays a huge long page

I have the following problem. I am using buddypress and when I click on a picture in the activity feed it opens the rtMedia Lightbox BUT it shows an empty page, actually it is not empty because the picture is in it but I need to scroll down several pages to find it. It looks like the dimensions of the lightbox are wrong.

I am using KLEO theme from Seventhqueen. My website activity feed is here


I have checked demo of KLEO theme: and of rtMedia: and both are working fine. I suggest you to check it once with all plugins disabled. If you still face issue, check with WordPress default theme, might be theme customization is creating issue if you have any.

@riteshpatel Dear Ritesh Patel, I found the plugin that was causing the problem it is called BuddyPress Like by Darren Meehan downloadable:

I contact the creator but my problem is that I need rtMedia and BuddyPress like to work. Is there any way that the rtMedia team can look into that. I think it is maybe only a CSS conflict. His plugin works fine, it is just not optimized for rtMedia. Would be great if this issue could be solved from both sides.

Thank you

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Yes, issue is with BuddyPress like plugin. I’ve checked BuddyPress like plugin, it isn’t loading any CSS file at all. This is very strange issue. Author of BuddyPress like plugin might have solution for this.

Any update on this? I’m in the same situation. I see that the developers of Kleo are coming out with an update very soon (today/tomorrow) but am not sure if this is an issue with their theme or the Buddypress Like.

It is clearly BuddyPress like plugin’s fault- you should not use it until it is ready for that, in my case it also crashed woocommerce

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thanks for the quick response