Lightbox Not working

Kindly can any one help me to fix lightbox not working at all

I have the same issue since the last update. Clicking on an image produces the “The content could not be loaded,” and the screen dims until clicked again. And this applied to all profiles.

However re-saving permalinks rectified the issue.

Hello @aymantawfik85, @NetConcept

@aymantawfik85 once make sure you have Set ‘Use lightbox to display media’ option to ON from ‘Display’ tab under rtMedia admin settings.

Also check if you are getting any JavaScript error in browser console.

@NetConcept happy to hear that your issue has been solved.

Thank you.

Hi Pranalipatel

Thanks for replay me i found error in javascript code :

TypeError: jQuery(…).magnificPopup is not a function


and i active lightbox in display media

Hi @aymantawfik85

Please check whether magnificpoup js magnific.js is loaded or not by inspecting page source. If it is not loaded than check once with WordPress default theme and other plugins disabled as a part of debugging process. Also, check once with browser add-ons disabled, sometimes they might conflict to load the js files.

@riteshpatel @pranalipatel

I have the same problem, please see the inspected page image.

Hello @alexsilva,

We are not able to determine what is the issue here by checking this image. Please once try what @riteshpatel suggested. Check page source to know whether magnific.js is loaded or not. If possible, provide us your site url where we can see this error.