Lightbox not working - theme issue

Hi there,

I'm having issues with the launching of lightbox, when using a specific theme we purchased. Work fine with default Buddypress theme; however, not with Razor.

site in questions can be checked here, where a gallery was setup inside group 'test' -

Any suggestions about what may be causing a conflict?


@phil-parry - Checked out the link you gave. Looks like you are using rtPanel. The lightbox should work with it. Regarding your Razor theme, mostly it looks like a js error on your theme which is causing the issue. You could check what exactly is the error on your browsers console.

ah! sorry, I was trying to fix the issue be trying to using an alternative theme.

I've now switched back to theme that's causing the issue. I can't see error in the console.

thanks for getting back to me.

@phil-parry - Wasn't able to find any media on your site to test the lightbox functionality.