Lightbox not working on mobile


i don't have problem with lightbox. and i use ad other plug-in for image : FancyBox for WordPress I don't see conflict.

But, when i open image on phone (little resolution), the light box don't open.

Can it is the problem?! Is possible fix the problem resolution?

I have used template rtmedia in my theme. 1) open on theme the folder : rtmedia (first level of theme), 2) put in this folder all page that you find in "templates" folder of plug-in (downloads plug-in and open zip) 3) change what you want and finish.


@yukiko-kawa - We have purposefully disabled lightbox on mobile devices. It should go to the media single page instead.


be implementing a "lightbox" for mobile phones in the future?


@yukiko-kawa - As of now we don't have any plans of implementing it on the devices with width less than 600px. We have used Magnific Popup for the lightbox and you could override the options for that if you want. This link should help ->



(please help me for problem discussion div problem, I need canc the code that upload the gallery on page themplate.)