Lightbox not working on (embedded) image links

Hi, i am using Iframely embed plugin to embed all image links on my Buddypress site, which works fine, image links i post to my status update shows up as embedded, not just a link. Problem is, rtMedia does not open those images in lightbox like it does for images that are uploaded directly to my site via “attach files” function of rtMedia. Is there any way to add rtMedia lighbox support for external, linked (and embedded) images too?

@ritesd, So, you are saying that you are embedding media into iframe. JavaScript won't work inside iframe and hence won't apply lightbox to media.

I do not know what if that plugin Iframely actually use iframes or what to emebed images, but i do know that it works with plugin called Responsive Lightbox when i use it on normal blog posts (not buddybress status updates). So probably it is not using iframes. Here, an example of blog post using Iframely+Responsive Lightbox for linked image: as you can see, lightbox works just fine. And here example using Iframely on buddypress status update, linked image shows up just fine embedded, but rtMedia does not show it in lightbox: . And lastly, example of buddypress status update with image uploaded using "attach files" of rtMedia: lightbox works just fine.

Ok, now I got you. I thought the media attached by rtMedia are not getting open in lightbox.

Well, sorry to say it is not possible to open other images in rtMedia lightbox. rtMedia use Magnific Popup -> to open media in lightbox. May be you can write some custom js code and make it possible to use the same lighbox to open images other than rtMedia's.

Alright, thank you for your answer. I will try and write some custom code myself, but would be nice to see this feature on rtMedia someday :)