Lightbox Multisite Error

Hey community- I’m experiencing a unique issue that I cannot account for. It doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere online after hours of searching for context.

I have a multisite with a parent site and a single subdomain, which acts as a mobile optimized version of the parent site. Buddypress is multisite:enabled for cross domain activity appearing on all streams.

The lightbox pop-up works fine when viewed from the original domain it was shared on. If I attempt to view media on my alternate domain from one of the activity streams the lightbox displays my entire site in the pop-up. This is an issue for obvious reasons.

Is there any way to have the media display on the respective domains, regardless of the original upload? Any help would be appreciated.

I am using a BuddyBoss theme on both sites. (I’m also experiencing some residual styling conflicts with RTmedia gallery and upload display as well, a conflict with the BuddyBoss theme)

Both sites have individual installs of rtmedia, as that seems to be the collective opinion on the forums for effective multi-site use.

Any insight, help or perspective is appreciated. I plan to purchase the add ons for the plugin, but I have to get these issues resolved first!

Hello @mikecyke89,

The lightbox should work fine.

Please, once try updating rtMedia to it’s latest version on all your domains. If the issue still remains kindly once test with any default theme of WordPress and other plugins disabled. That way we can debug the cause of this issue.

Let us know if you are unable to fix the issue from above steps. Thank you.