Lightbox javascript error on fresh install

Hi there,

I have just installed rtMedia on my site (Wordpress 4, latest Buddypress, Salutation theme), but the lightbox won’t show up. Firebug shows me the following:

TypeError: mfp.currItem is undefined
var current_media = mfp.currItem.el;

in /wp-content/plugins/buddypress-media/app/assets/js/rtMedia.js?ver=3.7.13

Seems that I miss some kind of JS library. Any idea what could be the problem?

Thanks and regards

Hi @freiwerk,

Please check it once by clearing the cache.

You can also check with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled.


didn’t change. But if I use the WP defaul theme it works… May I am missing some jquery references in my theme probably?

Hi @freiwerk,

Yes, as you said its works fine with WordPress default theme, It’s probably your theme issue. You can cantact your theme developer for that.

Hi, i’ve got the same issue with the js string called “currItem” The issue is probably coming from the dom structure… it’s not a js issue from the theme but from rtMedia.js script Where did you define this “currItem” string in rtMedia plugin? Please help

FYI: In my case it was a theme issue, which had am integrated, concurring lightbox…

Hi @mecanographik,

Do you find this issue using WordPress default theme or with roots theme?


Hi, i found this issue in roots theme even if globally speaking, the rtMedia plugin works fine. I’m thinking about buying the rtMedia Pro version but i wonder how the licence system manage teh activation on a WP multisite instal… Can i get the rtMedia Pro working with a single licence, for example on 3 differents multisites (on the same wordpress install)? for example: … and so on?

Thanks for your answer :wink:


Good to know that you are considering to buy rtMedia Pro.

The single license product work with single site. but you can use that key on parent site under multisite network to get future updates. For other sites - /mysite1/, mysite2 under multisite you may consider to purchase bigger plan :wink:

Note: If you are purchasing single license key, you will get a support for single site only.

Let us know if you have any questions/concerns.