Lightbox Issue, and Help Request

Hi, I wanted to let you know two bugs I got with the plugin, one that the lightbox does not work properly when uploading and displaying media without reloading the page, the other is the order in with appears the images on the activity stream and one feature request or solution for my problem of overflow (I need the user to be able to load all the images of an specific post form the activity stream).

I leave you guys a video with deep explanation,

I Use:
Wordpress 3.9
Buddypress 2.0
rtMedia Last Version.


Attachment Link(s):

Hi Alejandro,
I checked attached video. I like the way you reported the bug. It helps us to identify the issue quickly.
Thanks for bringing this issue to our notice. It will resolve soon.
Regarding loadmore button in activity for media, we will look into it.

thanks, I’m looking forward for the load more button I really need that for my website.