Lightbox for non registered users

I received a report that the lightbox for non registered users often times out and cause the lightbox to display an entire page instead of just the image. It appears to be timing out. This problem doesn’t happen when a user is logged in.

Also what file do I put in my theme to modify the .css of rtmedia. You can view a sample of the problem at

I fixed the problem by deleting all of the css entries that the theme had pre designated for rtmedia.

Hi jason,
I am glad to hear that you had figured out the issue and solved it.

I spoke to soon. Apparently it only happens when a registered user logs out and then views a media file that was previously viewed while logged in. The lightbox insteady of showing the media puts the entire webpage in a lightbox.

This appears to be related to W3 Total Cache. It only seems to cause a problem for the lightbox when not logged in. Do you have a recommended setup for W3 Total Cache?

Hi Jason,
rtMedia works fine with W3 Total Cache, there isn’t any recommendation setup for W3 Total Cache.