Lightbox display problem


Hi there

I can't seem to get the lightbox to display correctly.

Things done to isolate the issue:

  1. I have disabled all plugins except Buddypress & RTMedia.
  2. Tested using different themes and Twenty-twelve;
  3. Deleted rtmedia, re-cloned from git - issue still persists;
  4. Tested on RTMedia Demo site so I know it should work...

Please see attached images...Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I can send login details privately if required.


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That’s strange. It’s working on all our test sites.
Can you try it again by saving permalink structure?
If problem still persist, send me login details.


Excellent Nitun. That worked! Just re-saved the permalink structure as post-name.

Please mark as closed/solved.

Many thanks.


Thanks for confirmation :slight_smile:


Just to confirm that every time I activate a plugin, I have to re-save the permalinks. If this is correct and not a bug, should this be documented?


Our plugin is auto saving the permalink. If you re-active the plugin, links will work fine.


Thanks for the clarification Nitun.