Lightbox Comments


Hey guys, It seems that when you comment on an image in the Lightbox it's different than commenting on the image in the activity stream. Is there anyway to sync those together so people know that an image has been commented on?

Thanks for the help Ben


Well it seems there isn't a way to make the comments in the lightbox the same as what is on the activity feed. So does anyone know where I could hack the core to make the images in the activity stream point to the larger photo instead of the photos page. I would like to just use a simple lightbox plugin like prettyPhoto to keep everyone in the activity stream area.

Thanks for the help Ben



That is partly true. I'll try and be brief and simple. If you upload an image via the media tabs, an activity is created for the image. The comments are actually the activity's comments. When you use the activity uploader, an activity (hidden) is created for the image and there's a status update that contains the image as an attachment.

So when you comment on the activity here, you are commenting on the status update, not the image. However, when you comment on the media, you comment on another activity, not the status update.

Why is it this way? Simple. Try uploading multiple images in the activity upload and see if it makes sense. Also, try doing similar things on Facebook.

We know it is patently weird and we are trying to do this another way, probably get rid of the activity dependence of media comments. The way activities and comment notifications work in BuddyPress is actually a pain for us. There was some talk about a unified activity stream, but I guess, it'll take ages for that to work.

We are on it, but. And we'll find a solution.




This is taken care at in new rtMedia. Please get latest rtMedia from