Lightbox buffering issue


I seem to be getting different results on lightbox buffering and loading speed if I click in different areas.

If I click the onpage overlay area then the video in the lightbox seem to load slowly
If I click in the onpage video control slider area then the video in the lightbox plays instantly


Hi Danny, Can you give me some more details?

I will soon Just investigating things


Hi Ritesh I am having real issues with the buffering in the lightbox. It just never seems to happen.

If you play the video in the activity page player it buffers straight away. If you play in the lightbox it takes for ever if at all. Can you please look at my site and provide any suggestions or solutions that would be great. I except they are longer than many videos but they should stream and buffer unless there is an issue with the lightbox.

Have a look at how a single video behaves differently

Use the Video Stop Think Do at the bottom of the page

Play it on the page then in the lightbox and on it’s own media page

The lightbox will be the slowest to start playing if it starts at all

Also can you investigate the differnces between full screen from the lightbox and full screen from the page and from it’s own media page as above. see attached image of lightbox full screen. the bottom third is black


Am trying to go live very very soon appreciate any assistance


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Hi again. an additional observation. I just watched on this page

the video Making Fish Traps to the end. On completion the loading gif continued to play. Is there something always try to load in the background that is effecting performance. I have asked my vps server provider to have a look at things as they set up the media-node but did report difficulties with the installation - missing files etc

Thanks Ritesh but at the moment the lightbox is a no go and I need to know how to resolve this
if it can be resolved


1 more observation here re lightbox. If you open a imge in lightbox first and then use the navigation arrows to go through the files then the video will start buffering immediately. It seems the issue is only when you click on the video thumbnail to open the lightbox

On single media page, video started getting buffer as soon as it loaded in the page while in lightbox it will load after lightbox open. That’s why it is getting delayed.
None of our other user has reported same issue.