Lightbox and rtmedia_gallery shortcode no longer working


After updating to the latest rtmedia 3.0.12 I noticed two issues.

1) The lightbox stopped working. I can see thumbnails on profile and activity pages, but when I select the image the lightbox popup is blank. The image doesn't load. The good news, now I can see a "Like" button and comments, which I was missing before this update. But now the images aren't loading.

2) The gallery shortcode stopped working. My gallery page now shows, "Oops !! There's no media found for the request !!". I was using the shortcode before this update to show all of my members photos on one gallery page.

I wonder if anyone can help me figure out what to do to get these working? I'm not attached to my theme, can anyone recommend a reliable theme that works good with rtMedia plugin?




@jay777sin - Thats strange. Everything seems to be running fine on our demo site with the latest version of rtMedia -> Try using the default BuddyPress theme and check. Also try re-saving your permalinks once.


Thanks Josh. I enabled the default Buddypress theme and the lightbox is working great now. Must have been an issue with my theme. I still get the Ooops message on the photo gallery page I setup. I wonder if I'm using an old shortcode. What is the latest shortcode for displaying all media?




@jay777sin - Check the following link out for troubleshooting the 404 error pages -> Also for the latest shortcodes you could check the following link ->


Thanks. I changed the shortcode global value to "true". This resolved my issue and all of my member photos showed up. Thanks for your help.