Lightbox and Navigation

Hi, I write again because every time I click on the Load More on activity Stream or and Excerpt the Lightbox disables, and also there are no Navigation (Previous-Next) Image for the non Lightbox image view, how can I fix this? the Lightbox issue and the navigation on the standard view.?

Need Urgent help

Hi alejandro, The lightbox issue in activity load more has been fixed and will be updated in today's release.

Hi again, Well I downloaded the new version and It works on the standard load of activity stream when you get to the bottom of the page, but when you select the mentions tab and go back to All Members Stops working the Lightbox, also I had a problem with the bulk uploads because I got flooded and I didn't like the new feature of limiting the number of items displayed on activity stream because it's no what I wanted (I Wanted a Load All Images Link on the post to display them all Live), Instead I used the activity filters to trigger the excerpt (Read More) and have a more clean wall but when I do that Lightbox stops working again.

Its so frustrating.

Regarding light box issue, it has some js issue which will be fixed in next release. About limiting media in activity, that's the only way we can limit media in activity right now. If we came up with some other idea to limit, we will apply that in future.