Letsencrypt won't renew


For some weird reason, the letsencrypt license does not get renewed.

In Crontab there is:

0 0 * * 0 /usr/local/bin/ee site update --le=renew --all >> /dev/null # Renew all letsencrypt SSL cert. Set by EasyEngine

And indeed, I received an email from easyengine just the other day, on december 2nd about a successful renewal… but only for ONE day???

Hey Hi,

Your SSL Certificate has been renewed for https://status301.net .
Your SSL will Expire on : Mon Dec 3 11:55:55 UTC 2018

Your’s faithfully,

Then the next day, the license expired but no more renewal attempts from cron.

When I try from command line:

# ee site update status301.net --letsencrypt=renew

The response is:

Renewing SSl cert for https://status301.net
Reload : nginx     [OK]
SUCCESS: Certificate was successfully renewed For https://status301.net
Your cert already EXPIRED !. PLEASE renew soon .

Please renew soon? But that’s what I’m trying to do!

Note that this response output is fast, so it does not appear to be actually attempting to fetch any new licenses.

Hmmm, it might have happened because one of the domains was not renewed and therefore caused an ssl validation error. This is on a WordPress multisite with domains mapped (no plugin) to different sub-sites.

I found this out renewing manually. Only wish the initial email and the command line response messages where clearer :wink: