--letsencrypt unknown parameter

Hey there,

just wanted to activate ssl for my wordpress multisite (subdom) but the terminal gives me a parameter error : unknown --letsencrypt parameter

what am I doing wrong here?
used: ee site update dev.mydomain.com --letsencrypt

Hello Wicked.

I was having the same problem using ee4.

Browsing the source code, it seems the --letsencrypt option was removed and replaced by --ssl=le.

So, you should run:

ee site update dev.mydomain.com --ssl=le

le = short for let’s encrypt

The only problem is that this doesn’t seem to create the cron job dor updating the certificate automatically.

@fferri thank you so much, that solved my issue for my primary multisite domain.
Could you me if it’s possible to add my other subdoms too in the SSL certificate?

I tried to follow THIS guide but I don’t have the /letsencrypt folder - I think it’s somewhere inside the docker image (I used the easyinstall method and setup a multisite with subdoms).

If it’s not good solution maybe you can help me with a guide or link on how to install SSL certificates for my sites created with wordpress as all the subdom sites are not in the easyengine\site folder and therefore I can’t use the update site --ssl command.

Thank you so much for helping me with that!! :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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