--letsencrypt=renew error "Invalid Options"

I had a server running an older version of EE (pre 3.5.5). Needless to say, the auto-renew cron for Let’s Encrypt did not work and the SSL Expired. Is being too busy a “Good Excuse” for this expiration :wink: ? NO! However, I still had to address an Expired SSL.

First I:

sudo ee site update reflexmedicalmolding.com --letsencrypt=renew

…and I got errors that led me to believe EE hadn’t been updated.

So I:

sudo ee update

…followed by:

sudo ee site update reflexmedicalmolding.com --letsencrypt=renew

…which gave me the “Cannot update reflexmedicalmolding.com, Invalid Options” error, but only after already reporting “SUCCESS: Certificate was successfully renewed” - weird, huh?

My questions are:

With the error “Cannot update reflexmedicalmolding.com, Invalid Options” being reported, what didn’t get updated? What should I be concerned about, due to this error?

As you can see in the attached image, I went ahead with the command to turn Let’s Encrypt off:

sudo ee site update reflexmedicalmolding.com --letsencrypt=off

…and then to turn it back on again:

sudo ee site update reflexmedicalmolding.com --letsencrypt=on

…and it seems Lets Encrypt is working fine.


Hi Bamajr,

There is nothing to be worried about, Your site’s SSL certificates seems to have been renewed and working just as expected. As for the error message, that rather seems a false alarm.

If you could proved us a detailed log output(you can use pastebin.com for that) we would be glad to look into the issue, and fix it.

p.s: most probably it happened due to the version difference and let’s encrypt’s deprecated options.


Hi @bamajr,

This issue will be fixed in v3.6.0. So request you to update your easyengine as soon as the next version is released.


@ssalil sorry I didn’t have a chance to respond. Obviously, there seems to have been an issue, if there is a fix in the next version. Could you elaborate on what was found or what was occurring?