LetsEncrypt not compatible with iTunes, how to redirect back to http?

Hi All

A client let me know that their podcast is no longer listed in itunes. After a lot of research it turns out itunes won’t accept ssl from letsencrypt (details here https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/itunes-rejecting-le-certs/11486 )

Sure enough I’ve disabled letsencrypt and it’s working fine.

So my 1st problem is: How can I either keep the RSS feed on normal http?
If there’s no fix for that I have a new problem. My client’s site is listed as https when you search in google, so when you click on the site in google it goes to https and the browser gives you a non-secure error because LE is off. How can I redirect traffic that’s https back to http?

Thanks all!

Any ideas would be great

The “quickest” fix is to use cloudflare. They will issue an SSL certificate within 24 hours that should work with iTunes. It will fall under cloudflares free options so wont cost you or the client anything. Once LetsEncrypt can be used in conjunction with podcasts, you can switch back if you so wish.