Letsencrypt NEVER auto-renews on any site ever

Can someone tell me W_T_F I am doing wrong? I have tried so many cronjob configs on so many sites, nothing works. The last one I tried was:

@monthly ee site update --le=renew --all 2> /dev/null

But it fails like all the others. Can someone give me a bulletproof cronjob config that actually works with a straight up ee site. My sites are all standard issue linux 16/18 VPS from digital ocean, the only thing installed on them is ee and my website files. I have NEVER got autorenew with LE to work properly on an ee site. HELP please!

and YES, I am running it as root in the root crontab, so I should not need sudo.

anyone have ANY ideas?

@ssuess – What version of EasyEngine are you using?

Try this:

30 0 * * 0 /opt/letsencrypt/letsencrypt-auto renew > /dev/null 2>&1.

Before you add this to your crontab try running just /opt/letsencrypt/letsencrypt-auto renew and make sure the command runs okay on it’s own.

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It has not mattered at all what version I have been using, they have all failed. currently on latest stable (not beta)

Thanks! I will try that. I ran the command and it worked perfectly btw. I will wait to see at the next period if everything is ok and working.

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Tried this from CRON and it didn’t work (EasyEngine v3.7.4). Tried from the command line though and it did (first thing it did was upgrade certbot-auto 0.26.1 to 0.27.1). Will have to log the CRON output and see if I get anything useful (or maybe that upgrade helped?)…

Confirm this has now worked, from CRON.