Letsencrypt for subdirectory only



I’ve installed letsencrypt on wordpress on my domain as instructed using - sudo ee site update example.com --letsencrypt=on

It is working fine but it is forcing SSL for the whole domain. And I need to have whole site NON SSL and only few pages on SSL (for example /shop , /private directory).

Which files do I need to edit and what to change? I saw some instructions online but they are not for Easyengine and Letsencrypt.

Thank you.


you already thought of creating a subdomain for your store without using Letsencrypt :slight_smile:


I know it will work using sub domain. But I need it to be on subdirectory.


I confess that I am little confused Let’s do it by steps

1 - you want the subdomain is within the main domain?

2- I do not quite understand this part subdirectory.


/var/www/meusite.com/htdocs/ my subdomain

and That way you thinking about doing?

Sorry if I’m wrong understanding more I’m trying to help :slight_smile: