Lets encrypt DNS propagation


Im trying to merge a live website onto a new server that runs EasyEngine. I’ve changed my cloudflare entries to point the dev box, just to pass lets encrypt verification by easyengine. What I noticed so far is that dns queries are being cached for some domains. One of my domains passed the verification but one other didnt.

After doing a curl, it seems that it still shows the old server, even if dns entries changed fine and I can access the new server from my computer, after accessing the domain through browser.

Is there any way to solve this issue? Are DNS queries being cached by LE ? and for how long? Its not really a good option to change my DNS entries to the dev box just for this step, however, I can do it for 10-15 mins with no issues.


Try clearing the Google Public DNS and Opendns cache


Tried these with no luck… Opendns cache reports the correct Ip, Google Public DNS reports flush ok, but easyengine is unable to verify the challenge.