Latest rtMedia & rtMedia Pro breaks buddypress activity media displays

Upgraded to the current rtmedia and rtmedia pro. New videos and pictures are not showing up on the members ./members/username/media/videos or ./members/username/media/photo

New videos and pictures are showing up on the activity wall, but not when you click on Media or Photo or Video from their profile pages.

Current version of BuddyPress, Wordpress, and rtMedia & rtMedia Pro.

On a side note, the MLA-Gallery plugin also is unable to show the screenshots for videos when using that shortcode as it worked before the update, this may or may not be related to whatever bug is causing the above problem.


Hi Ben,

What it is showing than in Media tab?

Thanks for your fast reply Ritesh…

The media tab is showing pictures, and videos, but only those added prior to upgrading rtmedia and rtmedia pro. Anything added after the upgrade, is not displaying there.

Hi Ben,
I had checked it on my end and is working fine. Can you send me admin credentials to so that I can debug the issue.

Certainly, wp-admin credentials sent to your email. Thanks…


I’m having the same or similar issue. Users are reporting images missing, albums missing. I just went to investigate and clicking on the Media link on a user profile gives me a page not found.

Hi Lee,

Try re-saving permalinks. It might fix the issue.

Nope, we’re not good. I don’t know what is happening or why. Sometimes it seems fine, then no.

Also, another user email indicates they are now getting error messages that the file type is not allowed. It is an image, which now, others are uploading.

I can tell it is messing with the users. The posts have dramatically dropped.

Here’s a screenshot
Activity Feed Screenshot

Hi Lee,
try disabling other plugins, switch to WordPress default theme and then re-save permalinks. It might be some other plugin or theme creating conflicts with rtMedia.

This topic may be closed – Ritesh has provided support via email and shown me that this was not a upgrade issue, but an issue of user context. Thanks!

I am glad to hear that your issue is resolved :slight_smile: