Latest HHVM version + Wordpress and Redis


is it possible to install latest HHVM 3.19 version using EasyEngine on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS? I tried HHVM older version (provided by EE) - my Wordpress site was super-fast. Faster than PHP 7 wp site. But I noticed that there is a problem with EasyEngine and HHVM - after cache purge HHVM is not working.

How to fix this? EasyEngine team/developers please do something about it - fix EasyEngine and HHVM. Because HHVM is switching back to PHP. If you want I can pay! Just fix and update EE.

At first, if you use redis, choose debian jessie instead of ubuntu because ubuntu repository only provide an old redis version. And for HHVM, give us some logs to see what is the error with your current setup.

But you should not need HHVM, php7 or even 7.1 with redis is fast enough.

Thanks @virtubox but what about Redis caching? Does redis work for example on single VPS 1vcore/512MB server? Is it worth?

Not sure, in my opinion a VPS with less than 2GB RAM is not a good idea, because even with a light LEMP stack, you will quickly need at least 1GB. OVH VPS SSD with 2GB RAM cost $4/mo, a good solution to begin.

I dont like OVH because they offer 100 Mbps - “Unlimited traffic”… For example Vultr offers 1-10 Gbps…

Vultr is also a good choice, but 3x more expensive. For a VPS with EasyEngine, 10Gbps will not make your website loading faster than 100Mbps, because your internet connection is not able to handle 10Gbps.

I’m from Latvia and we have almost in every house high speed gigabit connection (optical fiber cable). I agree I can’t use/handle all 10 Gbps but still speed is very important to me.

I like Vultr because they offer cheap VPS for 2.50 USD. More storage than OVH too. :slight_smile:

Vultr have very good datacenters location available.But in my opinion, plans with less than 2GB RAM are not a good idea, more RAM allow to limit swap usage and to use the cache as much as possible.

A simple VPS setup with EasyEngine : Nginx, MariaDB, php5 &7, memcached and redis. If it use only 440MB, twice is used as cache.

I have a 1 gig Vultr server with redis that runs great, but a few times already it’s run out of memory and mysql stopped and the site couldn’t connect to the database. I had to manually start mysql. I installed a monitor (netdata) and set the threshold to 10% or less and am notified constantly that memory is low. It sometimes gets down to 2 or 3 percent. I wonder if I should:

  • leave it alone
  • stop using redis and change to wp super cache (and maybe also cloudflare)
  • upgrade ram to 2gb
  • move to hetzner or ovh and get 2gb for price of 1 at vultr
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