Large photo on front page

I sometimes post only one photo with a few lines of text. Is there an easy way to show this picture large on the front page?

On my site the picture of SchülerVZ should just size to the whole blog, if possible (and maybe even show the few lines of text).

Best wishes


From what I can see, the few lines of text that you are referring to is the image caption. What can be done is edit the post and add the text to the excerpt metabox available. Incase the metabox isn’t present make sure that you have ticked it from the Screen Options located at the top right corner of your screen.

Thank you Joshua. But how could I make the larger version of the picture appear on the front page?

Do you want the larger version of the image for all the posts? If so you will have to create a child theme. Download and activate the child theme from here.

What you will have to do then is copy the loop-common.php from the rtPanel theme into the child theme and then at line no. 56 replace

<?php rtp_show_post_thumbnail(); ?>


<?php rtp_show_post_thumbnail( null, 'full' ); ?>.