Laravel on EasyEngine 4?


I have several laravel projects working great in EasyEngine 3, however, I was trying to move everything over to EasyEngine 4 and I’m stuck w/ trying to figure out the best way to get Laravel setup.

Before, I had my laravel project in it’s own folder, like:

And then I’d have a symlink from htdocs to the laravel public folder, like:
/var/www/ -> laravel/public/

but I don’t seem to be able to do this w/ EasyEngine 4 because of how the docker image is setup. I’m still pretty unfamiliar with docker, though… so perhaps there is a way?

Right now, when I SFTP into the site, I am logged into ~/htdocs, I can get to ~/ but it is owned by root, so I can’t create the laravel directory or setup a symlink.

Further, I can’t seem to do any git commands because they’re not installed in the docker image. As well as other utilities I often use, like ack-grep.

Does any one have any ideas/thoughts/tips? I didn’t find anything in the github repo, forums, or website docs that has helped with these issues.



I don’t know how Laravel is setup but you can install anything you want once you open a shell inside your container.


If want to keep working as you did on EE3 you could try WordOps, which is a fork of EE3 and very updated. I had the same problem trying EE4 (and other migration issues) and finally I’m really satisfied with WordOps.