Language File

What and where is the default language file? I’d like to edit everything that is shown throughout the public site.

P.s. I finally got it to work with the razor theme… Thanks for your help. I may go pro soon.

For example. I would like to change the Media Tab on the users profile to say Photos instead of media as well as changing the activity button to say Upload Photos instead of Upload Media and remove the “+” sign.

You can find language files of rtMedia inside languages folder in rtMedia plugin.

If you want to just change labels for some buttons or displayed message, there are some filters available for some buttons and messages.

Where are these filters you speak of and what language file do I edit there are a bunch of them.

Check this doc for translation. Instead of editing rtMedia translations, you can submit your translation and it will be officially updated in future release. Please check this doc -> for more information.

Regarding string filters, we don’t have a doc which describes complete list of filters. We will add it in near future to rtMedia docs.