Lacking features


Hey guys, I really like this plugin but in order for me to use this, I have two issues with it that I'd like to inquire about.

  1. Why are all the images uploading to the standard WP Media Library? It would be much more ideal if this plugin would keep the images separate from that Media Library. I feel the Media Library is for my own website use and the rtMedia functionality should keep a separate handle on this. If this is possible, how do we go about changing that?
  2. Is there a way to limit the number of uploads a user makes to individual galleries? I don't want Joe Schmoe uploading gigs of crap to his gallery. Is there a way to limit this?

Thank you.


Hello Kaotik,

rtMedia uses the WordPress core functionality to handle all the uploads and currently its not in our roadmap to change the way how rtmedia handles the uploads.

For your 2nd query, currently there isn’t any way to limit the number of uploads a user can make into any individual gallery.


Thanks for the reply. I guess I can’t use your plugin if it doesn’t offer these features. It’s a nice plugin but not ready for the main stream yet.