Label Changes


I would like to change the following lables without going the translation route:

  1. Attatch Files: Change to Upload Photo".
  2. Upload will start only after you enter content and click Post Update: Change to “say Something about your photo(s)”


Hello @bhekzinto,

  1. Yes, you can use filter ‘rtmedia_attach_file_message’ and change text of Attach file.

Below is the sample code which you can add to your theme’s function.php file:

function rtmedia_attach_file_message_custom( $rtmedia_attach_file_message ) {
	return 'Upload Photo';
add_filter( 'rtmedia_attach_file_message', 'rtmedia_attach_file_message_custom', 10, 1 );
  1. Sorry to say but right now its not possible to change this text as there is no filter for this. But in future update we will add filter for this text. Thank you for pointing out on this.



Thank for the code snippet. Works like a charm.


Hello @bhekzinto,

You are welcome ! :slight_smile:


Is there a filter to change this text yet?


Hello @kcdrip,

Yes, we have added filter to edit text message ‘Upload will start only after you enter content and click Post Update’. It will be added to next plugin release! :slight_smile:

Thank you.


Great, Is there a time frame on when that release will be available?


Hello @kcdrip,

We are planning to release it probably in next upcoming week.



Great. What will be the filter I need to use to make those changes after I update?


Hello @kcdrip,

rtMedia has been released this filter with version 3.7.38

Please visit the documentation here

Thank you.