Keeping Ubuntu server and EasyEngine updated



I’m a beginner when it comes to having my own VPS, but also a beginner when it comes to EasyEngine. This is why I’m asking the following, maybe stupid, question :slight_smile:

When I logged in to my server today (SSH), it now says there are updates. I tried running the following command:

alias eeupdate=“wget -qO eeup && sudo bash eeup”

…followed by:


…but EasyEngine is already running the latest version.

Then I thought: ah, it’s probably server updates!

Started googling and found the following commands:

apt-getupdate && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist upgrade

… but I’m afraid running it before checking with you guys, I don’t want to upgrade something that shouldn’t be upgraded outside EasyEngine.

So, my question is: Which commands do I have to run to keep both my server and my EasyEngine updated and secure?


// Jens.


Update Server:

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade  

Sometimes its prompt us to choose config files so choose default action is always good if you are not aware of that.


Thanks, that worked as a charm!

// Jens.



Glad to know your problem solved.:slight_smile: