KALTURA CE Integration: Unable to Connect Media Host Server?


Sorry for my english.

Hi! I’m new to servers, clients, apache, linux and all that stuff.
This image explains things better:
link to image
Downloaded VMWare Image w/ KalturaCE 4.0 from www.kaltura.org and completed the setup. It works fine. I gave it a name: “gurdulu”. When I type “http://gurdulu” at my host’s browser it redirects to my Kaltura CE at the guest OS. I could type the IP and it works the same.
Installed XAMPP. Installed Wordpress. Installed BuddyPress. Installed BuddyPress Media Support. I gave it correct user mail, user password but the reply is the same: Unable to connect media host server. (I’ve created a 2nd user in Kaltura CE to try different user and password, the results were the same). 
When I leave empty Partner ID it answers that I have to fill all the fields (I don’t remember the exact words), but I think it shouldn’t because Partner ID is for kaltura.com, not for kalturaCE.
What I’m doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!
NOTE: I’m using xampp because I’m new to linux, servers and all that stuff; I believe that I should install Wordpress in the virtual machine but it’s too difficult for me. However, I don’t think that this could be part of the issue.



Finally got the information I needed:
The Essential info is very clear.