Kaltura Add-on Storing Video in wp-content/uploads


I was under the impression from the writup on the plugin, that the Kaltura server would be used to host the video and audio created if the Kaltura Plugin was activated, but I'm still seeing the video stored on the local server.

From the plugin page: "Media (audio/video) is hosted on Kaltura servers!"

Am I missing something?


Can you please give us your WordPress and hosting server login details? Send it @ nitun.lanjewar@rtcamp.com


Okay, I got it. We are keeping a copy of uploaded video/audio in server just as a backup. As this is relatively a new module. We will be adding a code, in our up coming release of this add-on to remove such backup media file from server. You will get an update for this once we are done with it.

Thanks, --Nitun