Just turned on letsencrypt, but one file isn't encrypted. What should I do?


I’m somewhat new to ee but have successfully launched a multisite implementation and it’s working very well so far. I just turned on letsencrypt, and it works on all pages except for the front page, where I have one image that is not encrypted. I don’t know why. I can’t edit the URL of the image easily because it was placed with Elementor, a page builder, which doesn’t allow me to type the URL, but rather lets me choose from the media manager. Firefox identifies the image as a background image.


There are some plugins that are plain stupid. I can’t admit a piece of software which can’t handle SSL.

Anyways, my rant doesn’t solve issues. A lot of customers of mine have such kind of problems, and I workaround them with mod_subs_filter.

Just place in a .conf file in /var/www/domain.com/conf/nginx something like:

sub_filter 'http://domain.com' 'https://www.domain.com';
sub_filter 'https://domain.com' 'https://www.doman.com';

sub_filter_once off;

I use this snippet to normalize all internal links and other references across the entire site to use https and www. prefix.

Do some testing. Your mileage may vary.

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