iThemes Security Setting Gotcha

Thought I’d share this odd-ball. rtMedia was throwing a jQuery error on any activity page (main activity, users profile activity) for anyone who wasnt an Admin. Anyhow, took me forever but finally narrowed it down to the “Display Random Version” setting in iThemes Security (formally known as WP Better Security).

@colabsadmin, What exactly was the jQuery error you were facing?

I should have provided this is the first place. Sorry.

this.uploader.settings.filters.mime_types is undefined on line 253 rtMedia.backbone.js.


In WordPress 3.9 many libraries gonna updated and WordPress 3.9 beta has already released. Plupload is one of the library that gonna be updated in 3.9. The error you are facing is plupload config for rtMedia. So the thing is, we had to make a conditional check for version and according to that use the config so that it won't break older version of WordPress.

That's all that line about. May be iThemes Security plugin was doing something with WordPress version and may be that was the cause, it is throwing this error.

Thank you for this!! You just saved me a ton of time and energy and frustration!! This fixed my problem.