Issues with Template

I just downloaded this template and I already have quite a few issues to be resolved please.

  1. The youtube video is only posting the link, not the video as seen in demo
  2. The captache in wordpress login is showing error and won’t let people register 3.I want to change the 'SiteWIde Activity" to News Feed but all efforts to do that on this template proves futile. The same methods works just fine on other templates.
  3. Is there a way to get the login and log out options on the top bar instead of the sidebar?
  4. The sidebar falls off to the bottom of the page on a mobile device, please how can this be fixed?
  5. I want to change decrease the size of the entire site to crunch it up a bit, where do I find this code?

Thank you for your prompt response.

Hello tbfsis,

Following are answers of your questions.

  1. If you copy and paste “Share URL” it will convert into Video. It seems that you have pasted normal video link.

  2. For captache are you using any plugin? Can you please share some more details.

  3. To change ‘Sitewide Acitivity’ title, add following code in your functions.php file.

    add_filter( ‘bp_get_directory_title’, ‘change_activity_title’ );
    function change_activity_title($title) { if( $title == __( ‘Sitewide Activity’, ‘textDomain’ ) ) { $title = __( ‘Name’, ‘textDomain’ ); } return $title; }

  4. To add Login and Logout on top bar you need to do some custom codes.(BTW this will get in future release of InspireBook).

  5. You can change Sidebar behavior using CSS media queries.

  6. I am not getting about which size you are talking about. Can you please elaborate.


when will the future design of inspire book be?

I mean if the entire site is 1000 width, I want to change it to 1000 standard but responsive.

I was hoping the sidebar would be responsive enough so that I don’t have to fix it now.


I sent you reply regarding responsive doubts which you have.

We are providing few more options for Inpirebook theme, so it may take some time (around 15-20 days) or may be done before that. But to be very honest, we don’t have ETA for next release yet.

I added the link to functions file but it didn’t do anything. This is the same issue I was referring to. It works with other theme but not inspire. Besides you just said to copy and paste it, is that it? Because it didn’t do anything.

I need to change the overall size of the entire site. So if it is currently 1200 fluid or fixed, I want to change it to 1000.

I am not currently using any plugin for captache that I know of. I just downloaded everything that I needed to and it doesn’t seem to be working.

This is just too many issues with this theme.

I fixed the recaptcha, so now I need help with the others please. Thanks.

Also when I access the site on a mobile device, it looks mobile alright but the mobile icon on the left does not work. What could be the problem?

Hello tbfsis,

There are some jQuery issues with plugin “NowTalk”. I have deactivated this plugin on your site and everything works fine.

No problem, thanks! Now just a few things. I have been trying to view past posts on here to help fix some issues but I am still unable to resolve some of them such as:

I added the link above to functions.php file but it didn’t do anything. Please resolve. I want to change “Sitewide Activity” to News Feed

I need to reduce the overall size of the entire site. I don’t want it to look so wide, I want a little bit of space on the left and right side how do I do this?

Also for youtube videos, I did share then copy and paste but the video is still not showing up - see attached.

Hello tbfsis,

I have changed “Sitewide Activity” to “News Feed”. Also reduced overall size for the entire sire.

I also paste youtube url and its working fine. You can check it on your site.

FYI: I have made child theme of InspireBook and above changes are made in this theme, So in future if you update InspireBook, your current changes will not be remove.