Issues with my 1st tests

Helo, am new here. Sorry for my english, not my native language.

Well, I have some doubts about this beautiful piece of software.

I have been testing wordpress installs and seems that best one for my needs is -wpfc (Fast CGI Nginx Cache).

I have two doubts:

1.- Seems that default install don’t generate a wp-config.php, and it’s fine, but when I try to import WP sites from 3th party tool I get an error coz of this. I can solve it creating an empty “wp-config.php” file in root web domain.

My question is if is it possible to automate this to avoid having more issues in the future.

2.- The cache and speed is very good, I made some apache benchmark tests and results are really awesome. Sometimes more than 1.500 reqs / s. But when I load the test site in my browser I see CPU loading really high, and I would like to understand why is this and how to avoid it. pfp-fpm pool is the responsible of this issue.

I’m not using any “high weight” template yet, my tests are over a lighweight blog template …

Can you give me 5 vents about this ?

Thanks a lot :wink:


wp-config.php file is outside your websites “htdocs” folder. I presume for security and stuff. You should find it in /var/www/website.tld

To your 2nd question, I wouldn’t know. Maybe you need a better CPU? My website, with -wpredis and a big enough theme is using around 13-14% CPU out of 1 CPU virtual machine.

Consufed about wp-config … some WP tools and apps need to access and write things in there. Would this generate issues maybe ?

Regarding #2, it’s a dedicated Xeon E5-2650L core over SSD, disks perform more than 500MB/s, this looks so weird to me … how to go deeper in to this ?


I haven’t had any issues with plugins writing on wp-config, you can probably try moving it into your website folder, if you want, I don’t know if anything would stop working or not.

Have you tried looking into your admin tools on port :22222? you might find something, or install NewRelic. There’s a guide on installing it here. This will show you everything on which part of your setup is using your CPU.

At the moment, I’ll move wp-config to root www … just in case

Will take a look, also upgrading to PHP7 … I thought that was the default PHP version, now I see that’s in serverpilot !