Issues with Likes & Comments

Hi, I’m using the plugin on my camera website where users can post their clicked photos. Thx.

The issue I’m facing is- when a user clicks Like or enter a Comment under an image, its shows as loading, but the revolving loading action never ends unless I close the image. Only when I close and reopen the image I could see that the like and comments have been applied to the page. This is confusing the users as they keep waiting, not knowing that their likes & comments are already applied. Could you help fix the issue? In case, this is not available for free of cost, please let me know the options as this is urgent. Thanks, Nathan

Hello @wbaro,

It should work properly.

Could you please once check by deactivating other plugins ( except rtMedia and BuddyPress )? It could be a plugin conflict.

Additionally, please check the server error log if it contains any error log related to rtMedia plugin or not.

Thank you.