Issues saving new code to blogger template

I'm having issues with the last step of this process, which I've tried a few ways now. Where I see the problem happening is when I go into blogger (changed to classic template), replace the HTML, and click the orange "Save template" button. It greys back, but doesn't appear to have saved like one would expect. When I open it, the code is there, but the redirect is not working still.

My original blogger site was . I started using the custom domain ~2 years ago (this is also the domain I wish to continue using and have past posts redirected to for my new Wordpress site).

In the settings, blogger was set to re-direct to, but I removed that re-direction. In any case, it did not work either way.

I have now tried a few of these options for redirects (including one that involved .php), and despite understanding the principles and following the steps, I am still perplexed why it is not working.

Many thanks in advance for your assistance! Anne

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This is being followed up here: Closing this.


Is blog redirection issue resolved?