Issues on a wonderful plugin: rtMedia


I noted these following issues after installing the free version (core WP 3.7.1 + BP 1.8):

  1. not every word has been translated (in particular callout Ajax and other words)
  2. when I modify one image and save it, it appears like the original (and not as modified) in the photo view and album. I may see the modified image only on edit media page.
  3. how to hide “upload” button on the form attach files and upload page from media tab (I don’t understand the utility since when I upload a file by clicking on attach files button and write something on the activity, it’s sufficient to click on post button to publish). Where and how can I hide it (by css script?)
  4. How to modify file types access (jpg, gif …)

Many thanks in advance.



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  1. Almost all the strings in rtMedia are translated. You can check it and can also submit your translation here-> You can add your translation and we will be adding you as a contributor. Check this link for how to submit translations ->

  2. Image editing works fine. You can check it on our demo site ->
    Can you tell the exact steps you had followed to edit the image?

  3. I don’t get it. You want to hide attach files from activity page or from media page?

  4. You can change the allowed file types by using following code in your theme.

function allowed_types_init() {  
    global $rtmedia;  
    $rtmedia->allowed_types['photo']['extn'] = array('jpg','jpeg');  

Specify the extensions in array you want to allow to upload. Actually there is a filter available for the same -> Right now there is an issue with the filter and not working properly. But you can change allowed types using above code.

Let us know if this fix your issue or not.



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@paolo, Sorry for the late reply.

  1. In my previous reply I told you that you can add your translation here -> rtMedia isn’t 100% translated in italian.

  2. Seems there is an issue with image editor, we are working into it and will fix it in upcoming release.

  3. can you send admin access to so that we can add required custom CSS for your theme.

  1. I don’t know why some phrases cannot be translated with .po/.mo ;this is my problem. If I could find where to make changes, I will post my contribution. In other case it’s impossible. I send you by attached files the parts of plugin where it is not possible to make changes regarding translation (for example the date on lightbox, where do I have to change? which file I have to modify manually???

  2. ok, but I need urgently your plugin so when do you think to publish the new release? It’s very very urgent for me! hope you understand. If you think many day will have to pass in order to release the new version, please let me know how to hide the modify image tab.

  3. i prefer to change by myself, so please let me know the CSS script and the files where to apply.

Thanks again.


Yes, I had check the attachment and understand your concern. The strings you had reported aren’t translated into italian.
rtMedia is translation ready, but not completely translated into different languages as you can see it over here ->
Here is the article which demonstrates how you can add new translations to rtMedia ->

Regarding date translation, you can download zip from our github repo -> and it will be officially available in next update.

For the Image editor bug, I’m sorry to say that it isn’t fixed yet in today’s release, but we will fix it asap. The CSS code provided below will hide the modify image button for now.

//hide the modify image button  
.rtmedia-image-editor .rtmedia-image-edit {  
	display :none;  

You can put the following CSS code in the “Custom CSS” under the rtMedia settings tab. Also your theme is overriding many styles using “!important”.

// for like button styles  
#buddypress .rtmedia-container .rtmedia-like.rtmedia-action-buttons.button {  
  background: none repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);  
  box-shadow: none;  
  color: #21759B !important;  
  font-weight: normal !important;  
  padding: 0 !important;  
  vertical-align: top !important;  

// for list items under options  
#rtm-media-options-list ul li .rtmedia-action-buttons {  
  box-shadow: none;  
  color: #FFFFFF !important;  
  text-shadow: none;  


thanks again, but regarding upload button, how to hide it in activity and media upload pages?

then, I will try your solutions then I will let you know. One question: where to put CSS script to hide image modify button?



I added the “Custom CSS” under the rtMedia settings tab but nothing change. Why?

then, I would like to hide the “image” tab, not the “modify image button” in the “image” tab section. How to do?

finally, I didn’t still try translation, but I did’t understand wichi zip file I have to download on github in order to increase words traslateble.


finally, i didn’t understand how to reach the page glotpress


sorry, I found where to translate and I did all translations but I think you have to approve because the list does’t appear updated.

Please help to hide upload buttons, image tab button and the other remaining unsolved issues-

Hope my contribution will be useful-

thanks again!


ok, sorry also for zip file to download from github (regarding date translation) but I kindly ask you if I have to replace all the files on rt-media-master folder or only one.

many many thanks again!


@paolo, now you don’t need to download zip manually from github. Just update rtMedia. Regarding translation, they had been added to the latest version i.e. v3.4.6.
Regarding CSS issue, can you send admin credentials to so that we can look for the exact CSS issue.


Hi Ritesh, I sent you an email in order to solve these my issues.

Hope in your kind support. Thanks!


Hi @paolo,

Yes, I got your mail.

Use this CSS code in the custom CSS box to hide upload button.

#buddypress #rtMedia-start-upload {  
        display : none !important;  

.rtmedia-modify-image {  
	display: none;  

Regarding translation, we will look into it and will fix text domain issue in next update.

Regarding other issues, those are the theme issues. I am sorry to say it is out of the scope for free support.


Hi Ritesh, thank you for your script but some of them didn’t work.

These followings did changes to may theme correctly:

To hide upload button:
#buddypress #rtMedia-start-upload {
display : none !important;

To hide modify image tab:
#buddypress .rtmedia-modify-image {
display: none; !important;

To hide comment link on lightbox:
#buddypress .rtmedia-comment-link {
display: none; !important;

So I think the others have some syntax error or I don’t know what…

Moreover I did changes on missing translations manually directly on php/js files (because of the two textdomains issue on your plugin) but even if several hours of researches, I wasn’t able to find where to change these words:
“Photos”(activity media submenu item) , “All photos”(on activity submenu title also in lightbox) and “photo” terms.

For the date issue, I changed the format directly on file and hide the script to move from date to time ago regarding the comments.

I understand you are busy on more important matters, but I kindly ask you to help for a latest support on these followings issues that regards specifically your plugin and not the theme:

  1. I would like to hide the “option” button on lightbox and single media page (I don’t want to set or unset as featured)
  2. where to find the three words above to modify manually on the files
  3. CSS to modify text color regarding the option menu in the album page (delete album, modify album etc. I need to change text color for the “delete album” text button)
  4. CSS to modify text color for “modify”, “cancel” and “I like” buttons on lightbox media viewer.

I’m sure you need only 5-10 minutes of your time to make me happy, no more!

Many many thanks again.


sorry but I forgot also the terms on lightbox to slide photos: “Previous Media” and “Next Media”.