Issues After New Wordpress Update

Hi, After the new wordpress update I am having issues accessing this page - This page is blank.

Anyone else having this issue?

Also, is the transcoder for videos down? I am not getting thumbnails created. is managed hosting why you asking here ask them about this

I only used that as an EXAMPLE. Either way, the videos thumbnails are not working on the demo site either. So my question remains… Is there an issue with the thumbnails being generated on any end that is not mine? To be more specific… Why aren’t the video thumbnails generating on the demo site?

Other issue - anyone have a problem with the members “single content pages” (Example).com/members/kathy123/media/768/

I got happy when I saw a reply to my question but got sad when I saw that it was NO HELP! Thanks for your no HELP!

After updating I get the following error -

Fatal error: Call to undefined function

Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_is_group_forum() in /home/folder123/pub_file/wpp-cont***/plugins/buddypress-me***/ap*/main/int*****/RTMediaInteraction.php

Can anyone tell me why this is an error now and how I can correct it?

Hello @webworks,

Could you please once update your website to rtMedia’s latest version 4.4.8 and let us know if it is working fine for you now?


ALL GOOD NOW. Thank you soooo much!

Sorry… One more question. Would you happen to have any info on the transcoder and it not being able to generate video thumbnails? This is also an issue on the demo site.

I am having the same issue… I am using the most current version of rtMedia.