Issue with video upload (and transcoding?)

I have a problem with video uploads.
First, when I upload videos with rtmedia uploader, there is no thumbnail on the video, it looks like this :

Is there a way to display an automatic thumbnail of the video (or if not possible, an icon)?

And when the upload is finished, when I open the video in the lightbox, i can hear the sound of the video but there are no images, all the video is grey :

Thank you for your help !

Hi @marine,

rtMedia automatically adds a placeholder image while the thumbnail is being generated (located under wp-content/plugins/buddypress-media/app/assets/admin/img/video_thumb.png )

Regarding the grey video, have you tried waiting a few seconds and refreshing? Does the problem persist? Also, can you confirm that video thumbnails are being generated?

–Joel Abreo

Hello @Joel_Abreo,

In my rtmedia gallery, after the uploads, I have the thumbnail icons :

but when it is uploading the thumbnail icon is not showing :

Yes I tried to wait, I refreshed and I even retranscoded all my videos, but there is still a problem, videos are still completely grey.

And when I upload a .MOV video for example, i can see in the transcoder settings that the transcoding usage in Mb increases, so it processes. And in the video lightbox, when I look in the inspector console, I can see that the video is well of type mp4.

Thank you

Hello @marine,

Could you please once check if the below parameters are set to ON on your server? These parameters are responsible for displaying the generated thumbnails.


Additionally, can you give us your website address so that we can check our logs for it?


Same problem… Help

i am getting a BLANK BLACK BOX that you can’t even click on on the activity item that is posted …you can click on the title of it under the black box or image but no thumbnail …how do i fix this please? super important on a live site thanks!

also … if i REGENERATE using hte transcoder wp-admin manually transcode /encode the file again it works …the mp4 file is generated and the player is embedded in the activity post and replaces the original thumbnail and title linked to original source video file

does this software require allow_url_include to be ON ? no web servers should have this set to ON as its a huge security risk …please see this and advise on how to use your software without this turned on?