Issue while creating a new site

Easyengine was working fine. suddenly facing issues while creating a new site.

main errror :

[Error]Setting up database: ‘Did not specify a username’

‘MySQL Connectivity problem occured’

Oops Something went wrong !!

Find the ee debug log :


‘MySQL Connectivity problem occured’

This notifies that your ~/.my.cnf file is missing.

please check if you have above file with mysql credentials.

Yup. The file is missing.

same problem here and I have the ~/.my.cnf

Yes, Using remote Mysql server (not MariadB)
Yes, I have root password correctly in my.cnf
Yes, mysql command works fine at web server

Problem occurred after update ee

Hello @andremacola

please check credentials in /etc/mysql/conf.d/my.cnf are correct .

Yes, the file is equal to ~/.my.cnf

Hello @andremacola

Please go through following tutorials once, and confirm if your remote mysql configuration is according to it :

I had similar problems.

To the EE staff, your instructions need revisions for remote mysql database servers.

  1. It seems ~/my.cnf is ignored instead ee looks at /etc/mysql/conf.d/my.cnf for user/host parameters. This shouldn’t happen in my opinion.

  2. Although I can create a site and DB/user, using ee site delete fails to remove created user. It incorrectly assumes it’s removing a user@DBhostIP instead of user@% which it created.

So the ee error is 'Exceuting MySQL Statement : drop user nik_com@ which obviously does not exist. My DB host is Perhaps I’m missing something but I think you have a bug somewhere.

@Prabuddha @harshadyeola


Please check this Yes since EasyEngine v3.3.5 ~/.my.cnf is shifted to /etc/mysql/conf.d/my.cnf.

Thanks. You should definitely revise your docs then. Also there’s still a bug when removing sites I think.@harshadyeola

Thanks @ichpen for reporting the issue. Yeah I have updated the docs.

No worries. I also logged the issue on your github page, not sure anyone reads those.