Issue - Server Hostname HTTPS opens a Website


I have installed easyengine 4.0.6 on Ubuntu 18.04 and setup 2 websites. All seems to be working properly.

But I found one issue that is when someone types my server hostname in the browser using HTTPS it will open the last website I added on this server. Not using the HTTPS it will open a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable page.

The server hostname url using https should never open any of the websites hosted on the server, correct? The hostname should show a default easyengine page or a blank page.

Anyone else noticing this issue? Is it a bug?


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@mikeslv I use the same version on localhost and when trying to access the site the same error is generated as you.

@mikeslv create the site with the command ee site create mike --type=wp it will include the .test and will run from your computer without any problems.

It works without https error and if you want you can add the ssl self

Are you saying for me to create on my server a website with the URL equal to the server hostname? If not I did not understand. Thanks