Issue on Wall post... Wrong link in the activity



Seems like since 3.0.9 when i do post an image from the activity the image link misses /members/member-name/ that obviously get an error when clicked…
Should be:

By the way I also lost the default “wall posts” album is that intended?

thanks for your help,



P.S.: Just to be sure it was not due to any other plugin update I reverted to previous version of my site working fine with rtMedia 3.0.8 and only updated rtMedia to 3.0.10 and got the same issue!


Moving forward in the bug chase!!!
This only happen when the media gets posted from the global activity page… It perfectly works from the profile activity page!

Looks like a context issue…


SOLVED (well at least found the bug, now would need it to be included in the next release if that works for you…)

in RTMedia.php line 810 is testing the context:
if ( ! isset ( $media[ 0 ]->context ) ) {
then re-affecting a new value to $media[0]->media_author while this one was already properly filled…
So I changed it to:
`if ( ! isset ( $media[ 0 ]->context ) && ! isset ( $media[ 0 ]->media_author ) ) {’
Which adds a test on the media author and works for me!

Now this might means that there is a bigger issue on the context as $rtmedia_query->query[ “context_id” ] returns NULL
But I’ll let you guys check this one as I surely don’t know your code as much as you!!!



Thanks for bringing this to our notice. We will be fixing this soon.


I can confirm I had the same issue on 3.0.10 and vintagers solution seems to work. thhhx very much :slight_smile:


@afercia happy it helped someone!!!

Better keep this post as favorite in case the next release doesn’t include yet the fix and overwrite your modification :wink:


@vintagers I think Josuha & Co. already fixed, I see in version 3.0.11 they commented out the whole “if” statement :slight_smile:


@all - Yes this has been fixed in the latest version.