Issue on browser resize

I'm currently working on a theme which utilizes the full content wrapper for blog post. ie: a single column. There is no sidebar in any of the pages. I have the following code to deal with the class rtp-post-box.

.rtp-post-box { width:142%;padding: 30px; }  

I set the sidebar id to display nothing and set its width to zero.

The issue I'm facing is when my browser is in maximized condition (1280x720) I have no issues with the width of content area, where as when I start to resize my browser, the content goes out of the desired area.

Any thoughts on this?

Hello Arjun, It would be great if you clarify that you working rtPanel child theme or rtPanel parent theme itself?

BTW If you do not need sidebar, then its better to remove it form the code than make it hidden. And just replace the class rtp-grid-8 to rtp-grid-12 for #content.

Let me know if this helps you.

Hey Sagar, Thanks for the reply! I'm working on a child theme. And I don't want to play on parent theme and break the theme when you people roll out new updates.

That helped Sagar. I appreciate your help! Thanks again! :)

Glad to know this helps you. :-)