Issue emails just like issuing wordpress sites

Is there any good tutorial or suggestion on how to run a mail server along with easy engine? Issuing mail should be as easy as creating a new wp site in easy engine

I suggest you for many reasons not to run the mail server on the same box get a VPS with >1 GB of ram and run this software:

It automates the mailboxes, signatures like DMARC and it’s just 10 clicks to install it on a new domain, one installation handles multiple domains. You add the user, you add the DNS records to cloudflare and boom, ready. It supports also MS Exchange and has a webmail function if your users don’t want to use outlook or their phone.

One reason not to run it in the same box is that on cloudflare you cannot mask your email server IP (MX records) so if you run your email on your same box your origin server will get exposed.

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@darkbee101 The mail-in-a-box is a great kit. It utilizes many good tools. Coming from a cPanel/WHM admin background, I am partial to Exim, but will admit that it is a very complex MTA.

But the reason I am adding comments here is that I have about 20 years configuring, managing and wrangling mail servers. It is a massive pain and undertaking and deliverability of your user emails can get a bit tricky. And if you have to pay $10/month for a DO/VULTR/AWS/AZURE/LINODE/[insert favorite cloud provider here] you need to have 10 or more email users to even break even on that cost. I always recommend services such as Zoho (free for the first 3 then $2/user/month), Gsuite ($4/user/month) or MS Exchange ($5/user/month) which all allow custom domains and let those services worry about all the intricacies of managing a mail server.

And if you were to go on-premises, please make sure you ISP delivers a static IP address just for the mail server and another for the rest of your on-premise access. If an IP gets blocked, you won’t take down the entire location due to a compromised mail server.

Just my two cents.

Thanks! I wish I could run it on the same droplet in Digital Ocean :frowning:

Got it! Thanks for letting me know