Issue after moving from shared hosting to cloud on easyengine

I think this issue is weird but I am facing this issue. I moved my wordpress site to easyengine a week ago. The problem is every changes I do from a windows laptop or mobile it gets reflected on frontend. But if I do any changes using mac, no changes reflected. Even the changes I do on backend (like deactivating plugins) don’t take effect. I deactivated all the plugins from my website from mac, but when i saw on windows and mobile phone nothing was deactivated. I published a post using mac it was not displayed on blog, when I logged in using windows the post was still in draft and when I published the post from there it got displayed on the blog.

I tried everything from clearing wordpress cache to clearing browser cache, I even reinstalled wordpress twice but same issue. The problem is happening only on mac, I also got in touch with apple support and updated everything they said problem is not with macbook as well. I don’t seem to understand where the problem is.

And this is happening after I moved to cloud on easyengine. I also have two more sites on ee but both are fine (I migrated them too from shared hosting to cloud).

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