Is there anyone who use Google Cloud Platform's Google Compute Engine CDN with EasyEngine?


I am a big fan of EasyEngine. Every time, EasyEngine save so much time for me.

When I test my site from some website testing tool, they recommend using CDN all the time.

So I am curious about using CDN in my environment, but I couldn’t find good tutorial for my situation.

I am using google cloud platform’s google compute engine.

Would you let me know the solution, well written document or tutorial? Whenever I read the official google document, it make me confused.

Maybe English is not my mother language, so I have to guess the real meaning of it from Korean. Also, the letter in my environment is Korean language, so I couldn’t find the real meaning easily.


Honggi An

Hello, from my previous experiences, if you are not hosting a lot of HQ images, Cloudflare CDN will be the best solution to make your website faster, because it doesn’t require extra http requests.

I remember that EasyEngine didn’t recommend CloudFalre not so much. so I worry about that.

Where did you read this?

Rahul Bansal …

Honestly, I can’t agree with Rahul.

Who the hell needs uploads larger than 100MB for ordinary WPs, e.g.?

I use CF as CDN for several projects of mine; several customers of mine use CF as their CDN; we never got issues that would justify using any other CDN instead of CF.

Of course every single person has a singular experience with everything in the world. But I wouldn’t discourage anyone from using Cloudflare because I never had bad times with them.

I have used Google Cloud Platform and Google Compute Engine CDN with EE in the past, its works fine. Though I don’t use it lately. Because Amazon AWS is my preferred Cloud Platform. Right now there aren’t any tutorials, but if there will be a pressing need, I would post up an in-depth tutorial when I start working on it again.


Simeple tutorial is ok with EasyEngine! I think Amazon AWS have so many setting option, so I don’t like it so much for light usage. I prefer simple and not complicated choice all the time.

Thank you so much.

Actually, I didn’t use the Cloudflare after first trial. Because I am not server engineer, so I don’t have many networks in this field. I would like to find a skilled person in Korea with EasyEngine environment. I didn’t find anyone who knows EasyEngine in Korea yet.